Healthier Eating

Let's face it, takeaways aren't renowned for being healthy. But if you're watching what you eat, you don't have to skip takeaways completely. Choose your meals carefully, such as those from our Healthier Choice range, and you can treat yourself without piling on the pounds.

healthy takeaway eating tips:

avoid creamy curries

Avoid the creamier curries like the korma and massalla, delicious as they are - they contain full fat cream and sugar. Go for the drier curries such the bhuna or rogan josh, or even better the saag which contains a helping of spinach.

order a vegetable side dish

Help meet your five a day target with one of our delicious vegetable side dishes.

go for boiled rice

Pilau rice is cooked with oil and spices but boiled rice is just that, fragrant basmati rice boiled in water, nothing else is added. Basmati rice is also one of the healthiest varieties of rice not to mention the tastiest too!

choose chappatis

Chappatis are made from wheat flour and don't contain any fat, an ideal alternative to nan breads.

tandoori treats

Spoil yourself with anything from the tandoori section. Everything cooked in the tandoori is grilled and contains minimal fat, tandoori meats such as chicken tikka are made from 100% lean chicken breast making it the ideal option if you're being careful about what you eat.

ask for extra salad

We'll be more than happy to include extra salad portions free of charge with any full meal, just let us know when you place your order.

walk it off

If you live nearby, instead of telephoning your order, why not walk it to our takeaway and burn off some calories.

what we're doing to help:

try our healthier choice options

We have highlighted the ‘Healthier Choice’ options on our menu with this symbol. These dishes are generally grilled or cooked with little oil and contain lower fat and a helping of salad or vegetables to help meet your five a day.

complimentary salad

Our starters are served with a complimentary salad and low fat mint yoghurt sauce. If you would like any extra portions of salad, let us know and we’ll be happy to include these for FREE with any full meal.

no artificial flavourings

We avoid using artificial flavourings such as monosodium glutamate (MSG), all our flavours come from the use of natural herbs and spices.

lower fat

We use cholesterol free cooking oil where possible and always try to minimise the amount of fat and oil used in our food.

lower salt

We are continually reducing the amount of salt used in all our dishes.